We’re Appmilla, we build mobile apps

We build mobile apps with Native UI and a cross platform core.

This provides a compelling combination of cost effective development with the flexibility and power that comes from using the native platforms UI directly.

Our Approach

Every project is unique with different requirements and priorities, and so working out the best technology to use can be tricky. Our approach allows for the power of a native app but with the cost and time saving of cross platform.

We share all code across all platforms right up to the UI, but then implement the UI layer natively using each platforms’ own UI API’s and technologies. This gives us all the benefits of a single code base allowing us to share up to 80% of the code while still retaining the benefits of having natively implemented UI’s such as performance and flexibility.

We achieve this by using mobile technologies such as Xamarin and Kotlin Multiplatform that allow us to develop truly native mobile experiences while still sharing most of the code across multiple platforms which greatly reduces development time and risk.

We generally work with clients in three ways:-

Launching new mobile apps

Whether it’s a stand alone mobile app or adding a new mobile channel to your existing business we can help take your idea from concept, to launch through to supporting and improving it once it’s in your users hands

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Extending existing mobile apps

Whether your adding new features or looking to completely refresh your mobile app capability, we can help work out the best way forward to ensure your users have the best possible experience

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Supporting mobile app teams

We can work with your existing development teams to help provide technical guidance and business knowledge to ensure they’re not only delivering quality code but also building features that your users will love

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We take pride in our work - we believe that is the only way to create great apps. We have worked on apps across many different categories and industries.

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We love cross platform apps!

Why cross platform? Our aim is to understand your requirements and implement them just once across multiple platforms. This means we have a single codebase which speeds up development. This reduces both costs and bugs while still providing an awesome native experience for the user

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